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I. A passion for helping children and adults - with or without special needs - who are struggling with spelling and reading. 

II. A teacher, a tutor or a mom who is engaged in their community.

III. A very high level of integrity, love and caring.

A. We have pre-designed brochures with key highlights of our products. We will email you a copy of these brochures which you can customize with your own details and contact numbers.  

B. Online support anytime from Roma, the creator and founder of I See, I Spell I Learn, on some key benefits of these cards and the best way to use them.

C. We will create a shared folder in the cloud from where you can download templates to manage your inventory, record sales and expenses.
To empower moms, tutors and teachers who have used and benefited from our products to become their own social entrepreneurs. To further the cause of overcoming learning barriers for children of all abilities, and to get business income for others, as they pursue their passion for helping and learning.

1. Our primary goal is to reach out and help anyone who is struggling with reading and spelling, be it children with special needs, younger children, teenagers, adults or learners  of the English language. And you should earn an income doing this.

2. This program is only open to people who have used our products. You should have bought our Picture Sight Words or Picture Homophones cards either from our online store or from our stores on Amazon U.S., Amazon U.K., Amazon France or Germany. Your initial investment to buy a Combo of Sight Words and Homophones cards (4 individual sets) from our website is $65 plus shipping. On Amazon U.S., it is $73 with free Prime Shipping.

3. Since you have bought, used and had success with our products, you know how they work and the benefits, thus you are the best people to talk to your fellow community people and identify who you think will need these products.

4. Once you have gone through step 3, and if you decide on becoming our Network Seller, we will provide you with a coupon code to buy our products from our online store at the wholesale distributor price at 50% of MSRP. Please visit our online store and place your order using the coupon code. There will be a minimum order threshold for $300 for this program. Shipping cost will be on actuals between $10 and $25 depending on the number of sets ordered. We recommend buying our Combo sets for both Picture Sight Words and Picture Homophones, as they can be sold both as a Combo and individual sets and you get a price advantage over buying individual sets.  

5. We let you, as a social entrepreneur, decide your selling price goals, but also urge to play fair in your communities if there are others network sellers and not to get in a competitive price situation. Please remember our primary goal is helping everyone who struggles with spelling and reading.

6. We want you to be successful, both for the social element of our products and program and for the commercial element of you being an entrepreneur. We will have quarterly incentives for our partner sellers based on their performance on our social scorecard. Please write to us for details.

Build a network of social entrepreneurs who share our passion for helping children and adults - with or without special needs - who are struggling with spelling and reading.
Dear fellow Moms, Parents, Teachers & Tutors,

I am Roma, the creator or Picture Sight Words & Picture Homophones Flash Cards and the Founder of I See, I Spell, I Learn. Above all, I am a teacher, a tutor and a mom of a beautiful 3rd grader!

Over the past few months, I have been overwhelmed by the positive response and a tremendous gratitude from moms, teachers and tutors from around the world who have written to me about the success and joy they have had in using our Picture Sight Words & Picture Homophone cards. They have shared stories with me about their experiences with children of special needs and emerging young readers. These cards have been used and tested in homes, tutoring & learning centers, homeschools, public & charter school class rooms, and Montessori environments.

On a few occasions, I have also heard from teens and adults who struggled with sight words/homophones for years and finally “got” the words because of the pictures cues in our cards. And while it was not intended when I was creating these cards, I have also received positive feedback from folks who have used our cards with English as a Second Language Learners and about their successes in grasping tricky sight words and clearing confusion around homophones.

Through all this, some moms, tutors and teachers across the country who have used these cards have approached me to market and sell these cards in their own communities, towns & cities. I am delighted to see this enthusiasm and would love to empower others to enhance learning and help children and adults who struggle with reading and spelling.

I have spent a few weeks putting together the mission, vision and key features of our network seller program. 

I look forward to working with all of you.

Peace & love,


welcome to our network seller program