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These cards have been created and designed by dyslexia tutor, Roma Chadha. That's me! For the past eight years I have worked with right-brained children who struggle with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD. And year after year, I looked for good visual cards that gave my students something concrete to hold on to, so they didn't have to struggle to remember a basic word like "does".   I kept coming up with ideas and would draw them on the white board as I worked with the children, and gradually began to see which picture cues worked and which didn't.

In 2011, I figured it didn't make sense to keep having to re-draw everything for each class. (Plus the kids weren't too impressed with my art!) I also realized if I was looking for such material, other parents, teachers and tutors must be too... So I finally gave in and said, "I'll just create them!"  And that was how these cards began... I never thought this would one day become a business.

As others started to use them and send their thanks, I began to realize how special they really are.  There are very few picture cards out there; some of them are even good! Trust me, I hunted down every brand I could! Most were too visually cluttered, I wanted a clean card with just one visual cue. But more importantly, none actually help children SPELL sight words.  Reading is of course the first step, but it's painful to have to go through a separate technique just for spelling. Wouldn't it be nice to have a set of cards that helps read, spell AND understand the word, all in one go? 

I thought so too.  These picture cues are tried and tested and have proven effective for children who struggle with basic sight words like 'does', 'was', 'they', etc.   Research has shown that right brained children are creative thinkers - they need visual and multi-sensory aids to help store information. These visual cues give the children something concrete to hold on to when trying to recall the meaning as well as the spelling of these words.  My experience with many, many children has shown me that these cards help them master sight words much faster. And best of all, allow them to have fun along the way! Isn't that what learning should about? Now I tell my students we are going to "draw" our words, and they smile and whip out their markers. 

Once Picture Sight Words was born, the need for other products became clear. Picture Homophones developed using the same principle of giving right-brained learners a visual to help differentiate between words that sound exactly alike.  One mom wrote to me saying she had bought these cards for her 16 year old son and for the first time, she herself understood the difference in spelling between to, too and two!  And slowly the Short Vowel workbooks and Sight Word Storybooks came into being.

All my products stem from a heartfelt desire to want to help children enjoy learning language. Now that I was creating products that helped them learn, I also wanted to give them something that touched their hearts. And the line of inspirational products started in 2016.

Now that I've shared my story, I'd love to hear from you!  If you have ideas or stories you'd like to share, words your child has difficulty with that need a customized card, or if you'd just like to say hello, feel free to send an email.

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The older one in the picture is the founder, the younger one is the inspiration! :)
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