1. Show your child the picture cue and say, “This is the word xxxxx”. 
  2. While your child looks at the colored picture cue on the front of the card, read aloud the sentence (catch phrase) from the back of the card.
  3. Discuss the the picture cue and sentence.
  4. Now show the child what the sight word looks like without the colored picture cue (turn to the back of card).
  5. Make up your own sentences using the sight word. This helps the child put the sight word into the context of real life. Let him look at the picture cue as long as needed.
  6. Ask your child to make up a sentence with the word.  
  7. Do approximately three cards per session.  
  8. Move on to the next set once the child masters this one. 


Encourage your child to draw and color the word with its picture cues. This helps reinforce the “tricky” letter.

Ask questions like:  Why do you think they’ve used this color?”  “What letter has the shape of that picture?”

Reading Practice

After completing three cards, place them before the child. Make up a sentence using one of the three sight words. Ask the child to point to the card with that word. 

   Look, he is standing on top OF the mountain!


Write a simple sentence using the sight word. Draw a blank line for the sight word. Have the child pick out the correct card from a pile of three cards and then have himwrite the word in the blank while he spells the word out loud. If he forgets the spelling, remind him of the catch phrase and/or visual cue to trigger his memory. 

Remember, spelling sight words usually takes longer than reading them. So show the card and use the catch phrase as often as needed.

Eg. - If the child writes ‘uv’ for the word ‘of’, say “Remember the face looking at him on top OF the mountain?  

What letter does that face look like?  What letter had the mountain and snow on it

Link the shape of the letter to the picture cue and/or the catch phrase. This allows them to use their right-brain strengths  to remember how to spell the word rather than have to memorize the letter over and over again.

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