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Welcome to I See, I Spell, I Learn®!

Come see our creative & innovative picture cards for emerging readers, right-brained learners, English learners of any age, and more!

Help Children Read and spell
 tricky sight words faster!

Flashcards with fun picture cues and images that help children read, spell & understand sight words

Excellent resource for schools, tutoring & learning centers, daycare centers for children entering kindergarten, easy for parents to use at home, great for homeschoolers

Try out our new 
Picture Homophones - 
kids LOVE these! 

  A top resource for all English
 language learners of any age
 including non-English speakers
 learning English as a
 second language


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Review by a first grade teacher using these in her classroom:

"I purchased Set 1, Set 2, and the downloadable workbook online from this seller. The cards are durable, wipeable, almost index sized. The Seller is fantastic & provided above & beyond service, with a extra heap of patience. The workbook is a 1 time download, so do it off a computer connected to a printer (not your tablet). My child has PDD-NOS, ADHD, Dyslexia and Sensory challenges. He was sent home a list of sight words to memorize last year but he couldn't do it. He continued this year with 'review' of the words he should have known but still wan't grasping how to memorize them. We have tried a variety of silly ways to drill them down to him, but these cards were the first thing to consistently 'stick' with him.
In the past we've had all the Elementary School teachers on board with questioning my child 'what sight word do you have in your pocket today'. It was an adorable idea, & he had a lot of fun charming those teachers, but it didn't work. We've added sensory components at home, we've used live caterpillars to climb to the next word as a positive reinforcement, we've used the treadmill's on switch & placed the sight word on the track whenever he read a word out loud....we still had a very frustrated little boy.
These cards WORK!" - Review on for Picture Sight Words. (Amazon Link)

My son has dyslexia and hated spelling sight words; he actually asks for these. Thank you." - Jim (Parent)

"Every teacher should have a set in her classroom! This just makes it so much easier!" Michelle, Private School Teacher, Livermore CA

"I don't have a dyslexic child, but what I can tell you is my 4.5 year old loves these cards! She's just learning to read and these picture sight word cards were so much fun for her. They were also extremely easy to teach. I like not having to study to use them. Great product." - Mona, parent of a non-dyslexic child, Los Altos, CA 
"Picture Sight Words are very effective tools. I found children recognized the words easily and it took much less time to master spelling too. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to teach sight words to their children, right-brained or not." - Susan Wilkins, Teacher, L.A.Unified School District

"These cards are powerful tools to teach reading and spelling sight words. My kids are so busy drawing the words; they don't realize they are learning!" - Sarah, Dyslexia Tutor, NY

"The illustrations in this set are so logical & smart....& FUN! Quick bits of conversation with my little guy over the words sounding the same, having different meanings & look.... see what that letter is doing over here in this word, really helps him understand language, meaning & spelling. He doesn't get angry over havng to do 'work'. In fact, he loves the drawings so much that he wants to 'draw' (not write) the word out during spelling tests. Here's the thing, the seller does such a good job at making the illustrations simple to understand but focuses on the KEY ingredient, the key letter to make it all work & pull together. There's a reason I keep coming back to buying these products. Money very well spent! Very, very well spent. I don't want to outgrow these products...."- Review on for Picture Homophone cards (Amazon Link)

"The little girl I have been using the cards with loves them. She had really struggled to learn to spell sight words previously but your cards have worked their magic. She got a prize today for spelling every word correctly and went home with a big smile on her face. I am looking forward to using the worksheets." - Review on Amazon UK from a customer in UK (Amazon Link)


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